Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How to Gain 8lbs in 8 Days.....

Current Weight:

14 stone 13lbs

(15 stone 6lbs - interim post holiday-pre official weigh in weight)

Weight Loss since March 2010:

1 stone 5lbs

Todays Syn Count:

Don't make me count.......

How to gain 8lbs in 8 days? Go on holiday!

I'm totally back on track now, but I feel that to keep this diary as honest as possible I should divulge a little of what went into my tummy whilst we were away:

Heavily buttered toast, heavily peanut buttered toast, jubilee pancakes at Little Chef, calamari, bruschetta and pollo pesto at Pizza Express, deep fried camembert and demi poulet at Cafe Rouge, Fish and Chips (x3) by the seaside, hot doughnuts on the pier, ice-cream - millionaires shortbread ice cream, banoffee ice cream, cinder toffee ice cream, double choc chip ice cream, tripe choc chip ice cream, feasts, magnums, cocopops, bacon sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, bacon and egg sandwiches, fish finger sandwiches, gnocchi, pork belly and crackling, birthday cake, double cream, crisps, twix, malteasers, real coke, cider, champagne, blue slush puppies, The Trolls left overs, korma and peshwari naan, pizza.........

Writing it out if making me picture it all on one table like they do on the programmes where they want to make us fatties feel really ashamed. But I feel a little bit proud.

Best. Holiday. Ever.

And now, back on track and enjoying knowing this is all going to come off again.


  1. Oh my God! I am pregnant and still trying so hard to follow the SW plan. It was so easy up until I found out and started to feel sick. Now all I want to do is eat something that makes me feel better.

    That sounds like my kind of holiday and only for the food! Forget sight seeing and all the rest of it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I LOVE Slimming World, but when I got pregnant I found it impossible to follow any kind of plan.

    I wish I had done it slightly differently though, I wish I had stuck to it as much as possible rather than giving up completely.

    When I have an off day I enjoy it and then get back on track now.

    When are you due? Is it your first? x

  3. Hey,

    This is my third baby. My eldest is 7 in August and my youngest is still on 8 months old....I must be mad. But 3 is what we wanted so it stops here, LOL! I am due late January, early February.

    Slimming World is so great. I lost 5 stone on it before and now I only have to lose a stone to get back to what I weight before Ava was born but as you say sticking to any kind of plan near impossible.

    Yes, your point is a good one and I trying to is just like that. Follow as much as I can and if I feel like the odd treat I will go for it (within reason) x