Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mummy Blubber is on Holiday

Current Weight:
14 stone 4 lbs

Weight Loss Since Feb 2010:
2 stone 0 lbs

Todays Syn Count:
Hard to calculate

So I'm off to do some serious damage to my weight loss so far.

From now until next Monday night I'm officially off plan.

Tonight is cocktails with my Lovely Friend.

Then tomorrow myself and the Chunky Lover are waving goodbye to the girls for 4 whole nights and we have booked into a hotel where we are going to do something together we haven't done in such a long time, that we are both gagging for, which (pe-children) was out favourite thing to do together.............................................


In between sleeping I will be eating. Will be by the seaside so queue fish and chips, deep fried donuts and alcohol.

Laptop won't be coming with us (it would distract me from sleeping) so no blog until we're back and I'm a stone heavier.

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