Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday Weigh In (after a very naughty week)

Current Weight:
14 stone 3 lbs

Weight Loss Since Feb 2010:
2 stone 1 lbs

Todays Syn Count:
I won't mention....

I've been very quiet because Slimming World hasn't existed for me for a number of days now.
I just haven't been in the mind frame to plan a meal, and all the kitchen stuff is packed away so nothing is at hand. I've been eating takeaways and left overs.

The weird thing is that whilst I diet I fantasise about fish and chips or pizza, but in reality whilst they taste fatty and good they don't give me "end of day food closure". There's actually a great satisfaction in preparing a meal and savouring it, knowing it's healthy and you did it yourself.

Yesterday I spent a great proportion of the day eating tablespoons of vanilla ice-cream straight from the tub. I felt too sickly to eat a proper meal, and yet never quite full.

Three things need to happen before I sit down and plan again and cook in our fantastic new kitchen: 1) We move into the new house (Friday), 2) We unpack, 3) We get the internet back (boo- bye bye Facebook whilst we get our phone line transferred)

I still weighed in today. I expected the worst and in fact I have only put on 1lb, so all is not lost.


  1. Hi there, nice to get some recipies from you, I am following your blogs as I am doing Slimming world as well, I have lost 2lb in 2 weeks so Im happy but have a long way to go as yet x

  2. Hey Mummy, where have you gone?? x

  3. Hello!! I'm back. We moved house and we didn't get broadband sorted for I wasn't sticking to plan at all. But am back now!

    How are you guys both getting on? x