Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm Back and This Time I Mean It.

Current Weight:
15 stone 2.5 lbs

Weight Loss Since Jan 2011:
First week

This Week's Loss/Gain:
First week

Two apologies. One to anyone that may have been reading my inane witterings and come to expect a regular update. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been being bad

The second apology is to myself. Not for dropping off the plan but for not doing it in style. I ate like a pig for four weeks but I didn't eat anything other worldly delicious, I just ate anything that came to home. I ate my babies taste-free rice cakes, the strawberry creme roses chocolates (that I hate) and the scraps from the kids plates. It was pointless gluttony and I am paying for my syns.

But it's all been about new beginnings today:

  • I returned to full time employment. I am no longer a stay at home mum. This makes me sad and want to reach for the biscuit tin. But I shan't.
  • I joined the work gym and will do my first pilates class on Wednesday and perhaps Zumba if I can work up the confidence
  • I rejoined my local Slimming World class and oh my god - I weighed in at 15st 2.5lbs. A gain of 15.5lbs in 4 weeks.

My excuses:
  1. Different scales. I'd been using the Wii, now using SW scales = 4lb gain
  2. Different time. On maternity I'd weigh in at 9am, now it's 5pm = 4lb gain
  3. At home I weigh in naked. Apparently this is a no-no in class = 4lb gain
  4. Which means I only really gained 3lbs through overeating over Christmas right?....

No more excuses, back on track and a whole new start.
I'm ignoring my loss from last year, my new start weight is the one I got at class this week.

Here we go.......


  1. Welcome back!

    lol @ weighing in naked at SW class.. although I follow SW I've never been to a class but yes I think that would be a definite no-no :)

    Who cares if you jumped off the wagon for a while? You're back on now and we've seen you! So you have to keep coming back with updates or we'll scome and find you :)

    Ok I won't as I can hardly ever leave the house but i'll send someone ;)

    Welcome back anyway and good luck for 2011



  2. Hugs back to you Gail!

    Lost 5.5lbs - long may it continue!!
    Need to make some of your banana cakes! x