Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lamb Rogan Josh - Accidently on Plan

Start Weight in Feb 2010:
16 stone 4lbs

Current Weight:
14 stone 13lbs

Weight Loss Since Feb 2010:
1 stone 5.5 lbs

This Week's Loss/Gain:
3.5lb gain

Number of Days I Stuck to Plan This Week:

It's been a pretty emotional week, and I'm an emotional eater - hence the massive gain this week. Not happy about it, but it's not as if it is a shock. I barely cooked a thing all week. It's been bacon butties for breakfast grabbed from the dirty van across the road from work, and stodgy canteen lunches and takeaways for dinner. I've been snacking on chocolate and guzzling coke. Pretty shameful really.

I ate a muller lite one day and that was about as close to Slimming World as I got until Sunday afternoon when I made SW Lamb Rogan Josh, just because we fancied it, not because I'm back on track.

To top it off, Squirky had an almighty tantrum this morning which ended when she jabbed her tiny baby finger into my eyeball. I decided I needed a time out of my own at this point and retired myself to the kitchen. I left the girls to worship their God (watch CBeebies) whilst I made a cup of tea and took some deep breaths. My eye is red and inflamed. I look like a crazy woman. Maybe some more chocolate will help?


Lamb Rogan Josh - click here for recipe


  1. Hi, I've been reading your blog for quiet a while now and also stole some of your recipes. I just wanted to say that I hope you;ll be ok jobwise. Don't let it get you down. Where one door closes, another one opens x

  2. Thanks Mrs Beaver - things are working themselves out. Lot's of options. Just wasn't expecting that news after being back in full time work for just a handful of weeks! x