Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Balsamic Chicken and Roasted Vegetable and Rocket Salad

Start Weight in Feb 2010:
16 stone 4lbs

Current Weight:
14 stone 11.5lbs

Weight Loss Since Feb 2010:
1 stone 7 lbs

This Week's Loss/Gain:
0.5lb gain

Number of Days I Stuck to Plan This Week:

There are certain things that fall firmly under My Chunky Lover's household remit. Taking the bins out. Carrying anything heavy. Doing the early shift with Squirky (they are both early risers). Driving. And there are certain things which are clearly my responsibility. Cooking. The weekly shop. Organising the household diary....

Every now and again I try and shake things up a bit and attempt to get My Chunky Lover to cook us an evening meal.

This happens about 4 times a year. The asking part is always difficult (he is a reluctant cook) but the meal is always truly delicious. He is a far superior cook to me.

The conversation this week went

Me: I'm making chicken and spinach curry tonight
Him: Don't bother for me, that's sounds disgusting. I'll have toast
Me: (Keeping the swear words in my head... ungrateful wretch!) But I have a whole pack of chicken defrosted now, I'll think of something else. I know, I'll do chicken roasted in balsamic vinegar and roasted veg. I've got some salad too. And in fact why don't you cook it?
Me: Babe? Why don't you cook it?
Him: How?...
Me: Erm....? You roast the chicken in balsamic vinegar....and you roast the veg...and you put salad on plates......

So once he'd mastered that, he served up dinner and once again it blew anything I ever cook right out of the water. I just wish he was more willing!

I stayed on track all week until Sunday afternoon. We had guests and I ate a diet version of what the were having (they had pizza and salad, I had the same without the pizza....), so when they produced a Banoffee Pie for pudding I decided to have a slice. I hadn't had more that 2 syns a day all week, so I knew I'd be covered.

However, after that slice the floodgates opened and when they left I finished off the left over pizza, had three chocolate bars, buttered toast and a load of cherry tango.

Not good. 0.5lbs on - all because of 4 hours binging.

Place CHICKEN BREAST in an over proof dish and drench in BALSAMIC VINEGAR.
Roast on a medium heat for about 50 mins
Roast sliced RED ONION and CHERRY TOMATOES in FRY LIGHT for the last 30 mins (give additional squirts of FRY LIGHT whilst roasting)
Serve ROCKET on the plate and top with the roasted veg and chicken.

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