Monday, 21 March 2011

Fish and Chips

Start Weight in Feb 2010:
16 stone 4lbs

Current Weight:
14 stone 9.5lbs

Weight Loss Since Feb 2010:
1 stone 8.5 lbs

This Week's Loss/Gain:
2lb loss

Number of Days I Stuck to Plan This Week:

2lbs off tonight, which isn't bad in anyone's book, but is especially amazing for me as I ate like a pig all weekend. The usual suspects: peanut butter on toast, chocolate, cocoa cola, chips, quarter-pounders. And a couple of fancier options too: chicken pate on crostini, croissant and brioche bread and butter pudding and rhubarb Bellinis.

So I got to have my cake and eat it this week.

Before my blow out weekend I stuck to plan religiously. Even when my Chunky Lover and The Troll popped out on Friday night for a fish and chip supper, I was saintlike and removed the batter from the fish and made my own chips. It was worth it to sit with the family and all enjoy a treat together, without feeling like the odd one out.

Spray a baking tray in frylight and heat in a very hot oven
Cut baking potatoes into chunky chip shapes. Boil for 7 mins then drain and leave to cool.
Shake to roughen edges.
Spread across baking tray and bake at top of oven on highest heat for about 45 mins. Sprinkle with salt and spray with frylight twice during cooking time.
Strip your fish, fresh from the chippie, of its batter. Weep as you throw the batter in the bin.

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