Tuesday, 16 July 2013

28 months later

Start Weight in March 2013:
15 stone 2.5lbs

Current Weight:
13 stone 9 lbs

Weight Loss Since March 2013:
1 stone 7.5 lbs

This Week's Loss/Gain:
5lb loss* (*please note this is not normal. 1. I had a stomach bug. 2. I weighed in a day late. 3. I weighed in during the morning, normally it's evening. I'm sure I will be back to normal next week i.e - fat and not losing much)

Number of Days I Stuck to Plan This Week:

So, this is a touch embarrassing.

I last posted in March 2011 when I had decided to stop going to Image Therapy and just stick to the plan through sheer will power....


On the positive side, I'm not heavier than when I logged off, but it's very sobering to look though my posts from 2010-2011 and realise that diet-wise I haven't moved on. I still hate how I look, I still rave about Slimming World (I'm back at classes), and I'm still very very fat.

Elsewhere, life has changed considerably. The Troll is now a school girl, Squirky is a walking talking wonder of a child, we've moved far far away from our old home in the city to the countryside, and redundancy temporarily knocked me sideways.

But anyway, using my blog-tardis, we've skipped a couple of years and here I am. Picking up where I left off. Hello again!

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Light Lunchtime Omlette
Dice your HEA cheese into cubes. Whisk 4 eggs and seasoning, and then mix through cheese. Fry in a small omlette pan. The melted cheese will provide the fat you need for frying - so tastes great and you don't need syns or a HEB! Serve with apples and grapes on the side. 

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