Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Parma Wrapped Chicken and Giant Cous Cous

Start Weight in March 2013:
15 stone 2.5lbs

Current Weight:
13 stone 9.5 lbs

Weight Loss Since March 2013:
1 stone 7lbs

This Week's Loss/Gain:
0.5 gain

Number of Days I Stuck to Plan This Week:

I had hoped to manage a full 7 days on plan this week. I had a great loss last week (5lbs) and wanted to continue in that vein, but also the next 4 weeks are all going to be gains what with parties and holidays and lots of other fun stuff.

On Sunday the heat and humidity rid me of any desire to cook so on a whim I took the girls to the supermarket and let them chose a picnic selection. Of course they wasn't a thing among it I could join them in. So I picked up a overly priced Tuna Nicoise salad and we set off to the nature reserve.

I had romantic ideas of finding a shady spot, with butterfly's dancing around us and the girls playing in the hazy afternoon sun, whilst, as a responsible parent, I taught them the country side code through the power of play.

The reality was they whinged and complained about walking so we only made it just past the car park. On the way we avoided stepping in various dog deposits and I could only remember 'shut gates' and 'take rubbish home' from the countryside code. They girls munched on crisps and cornflake cakes and I opened up my salad to find it didn't come with a fork, so was attempting a happy face whilst eating limp bits of lettuce with my fingers.

To cap it off they both managed to wee on their socks whilst relieving themselves in a bush

When the Troll decided she also needed a number 2 quite desperately, I adhered to the countryside code "take rubbish home with you" (thank you supermarket carrier bag - you came in very handy in an emergency) and then decided the whole plan needed to be aborted and we came home to our plumbing and electric fan.

So you'll understand why I needed to decimate the remainder of the cornflake cakes when we got in. And a couple of ice lollies.......

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Parma wrapped chicken and giant cous cous salad
Wrap Chicken Breast in 2 slices of Parma Ham (3 syns). Baked for 25 mins, until thoroughly cooked. Boil Merchant Gourmet Giant Cous Cous in boiling water for 15 minutes, add a Chicken Krorr Stock Pot for added plavour whilst boiling. Drain and add diced salads, I like Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, 8 Olives (1 syn) and HEA cheese.  Mix salad through the cous cous, and serve with chicken on top.

The parma keeps the chicken really juicy and adds a saltiness. I often wrap several of these and then freeze individually and have them at lunch time.

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